Thursday, December 24, 2009

we learn a lot through out the year.
the people who are now in our lives and the people who are not.
the places we've been and the places we are going.
a lot of the times i feel that life is like a finger running over a record... feeling its grooves.
sometimes i want to be a solitary bird on a wire peering over the roadways.
i want to look at people having conversation and loving.
i want to be a street lamp giving just enough light in the cold for the passer by.
i wonder what christ would say to me on this night?
i often think to myself if i could fly would i be right where I'm at?
social responsibility. family responsibility. civil duty.
is my speech of love and of guidance?
are my thoughts of peace and things undecayed?
sometimes i wish with all my heart that i could be the real peter pan,
that i could just sprinkle tiny bits of pixie dust over everyone that crosses my path.
that they too could feel that warmth that i feel.
that i could take their hands and fly them off to a place of wonder and self love. self assurance.
til then i shall glide along the winds of my mind with hopes and dreams and tales untold.

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